The Benefits of Working with a Sarasota Real Estate Agent

The Benefits of Working with a Sarasota Real Estate Agent

  • JT Home Team
  • 07/15/22

Sarasota is a vibrant community with a flourishing arts scene and excellent dining and shopping opportunities. There are endless outdoor and cultural experiences, and as a highly sought-after neighborhood, it is desired by full-time and part-time residents alike. Whether you are selling your family home, searching for the perfect house to put down roots, interested in a vacation home, or looking for investment properties, it is imperative to have a real estate agent.

There is a certain level of industry experience, skill, and market knowledge that an agent brings to the table that you cannot find anywhere else. Real estate agents and attorneys may be the exception and may not need their own agent to buy or sell a house. However, those that do not have extensive knowledge in assessing and negotiating real estate contracts are far better served by having an experienced agent by their side every step of the way. The benefits of hiring a Sarasota real estate agent far outweigh any potential benefits of going at it alone.

Real estate agents know what to look for and where

You have your checklist, and you know what style of house you want and how many bedrooms you need. You also know how much you are willing to spend on this particular investment. However, what is the best way to find all the homes that meet your criteria and weed out the ones that don't? An agent can shortlist properties based on your wish list, so you don't have to. Also, agents have access to properties that have not yet hit the market. If you want first access to premium properties, you need an agent with the right connections. The best way to see those off-market listings is with a top agent. 

They have an extensive professional network

An established real estate agent has connections. They are well connected with other real estate agents and brokers, both locally and through professional organizations, allowing them access to hidden gems and unlisted properties. Their profession also regularly contacts real estate lawyers, mortgage lenders, home inspectors, general contractors, interior designers, moving companies, and other professionals you are likely to need during the buying or selling process.

They know the best of the best and who to avoid. Your agent probably already has a list of preferred providers and can make recommendations that will save you the time and energy of vetting these professionals. First-time homebuyers and individuals new to the area will benefit from reputable recommendations. In addition, new property investors can begin building their own network based on the connections they make through their agents.

Agents have the market knowledge

If you want current market trends, a real estate agent knows them. This is their specialty, after all. They understand the housing market and how various economic variables affect the market. When looking for a home in dynamic Sarasota, you want someone who knows the area intimately. Agents who have lived and worked in a particular community for a long time have a strong knowledge of neighborhood and street markets.

These agents know far more about housing trends in the area than you can find in a quick search online. They understand real estate data like average sale prices and can help you compare homes in similar markets. They are also well informed about local information, such as the best schools or upcoming projects that might affect neighborhoods. Local agents are also a great resource for finding the best Downtown Sarasota restaurants and shopping, which can be invaluable to new residents.

They are skilled negotiators

Not everyone loves to negotiate, but it is a necessary skill in business transactions and how you get the best deal when buying or selling your property. Negotiation is a skill that gets better with experience, and real estate agents are fierce negotiators who work tirelessly to get the best deals for their clients. Agents are often naturally talented at negotiating offers and contracts, relieving you from the pressure of the hot seat. Instead of you dealing firsthand with the other party, your agent can handle the entire process while you manage your other business.

Agents understand the law

Part of the process of becoming a real estate agent requires specific, intense training on the laws regarding property and real estate. They display this knowledge when they take their final real estate exams, and agents must also complete continuing education requirements. Continued training ensures they are up-to-date on best practices, laws and local ordinances, property taxes, and other relevant information that affects buying and selling property. Real estate agents are also familiar with zoning ordinances that may affect conducting business out of your home or adding to your property.

They will take control of the paperwork

Real estate transactions can involve copious amounts of very detailed paperwork. From titles and deeds to written offers to counteroffers, tax documents, and more, a lot of formal paperwork cannot be avoided. Understanding and filing these documents can be overwhelming for busy individuals, especially first-time homebuyers. Agents can ensure you understand every step of the transaction and that your documents comply with all laws and regulations. In addition, they will ensure that your paperwork is completed promptly and that it is done correctly. Hiring an agent can save you time and stress and can significantly reduce the probability of making a consequential mistake on a contract.

Real estate agents know how to market

As a seller, an agent's marketing strategy should be one of the first things you discuss. When you interview a real estate agent, they should already be prepared to outline how they market their properties, but they can talk more specifically about yours once seeing it. Their marketing strategy is how you get your home in front of the right buyer promptly.

First, your agent can access Multiple Listing Services (MLS), which will increase exposure. They also will likely have a professional photographer, videographer, and stager create the perfect media for the MLS, private website, and social media listings. Agents know what is trending in the market, how to sell your home's unique features, and how to target the right buyer. Additionally, their professional network may put them in contact with the ideal buyer who may not otherwise find your home on their own.

Agents offer expert pricing guidance

Whether buying or selling, you will likely need a little guidance with pricing. As a buyer, your agent will help you understand if a property is priced accurately and can help you negotiate the best price possible. They can also spot underpriced homes, especially in specific neighborhoods. They will also be able to quickly assess why a home is underpriced, such as issues that will need to be addressed.

An agent can also help you get more for your money if you are flexible and willing to adapt your search criteria because of their access to new or off-market properties that you cannot access on your own. Agents who have worked in a particular market for an extended period of time know if a home or a neighborhood will hold its value, helping you make the best investment possible.

As a seller, you may know how much equity is in your home, but is the price you want for the house reasonable? Some homeowners may not recognize the value in their homes and how market trends could get them a higher price. At the same time, others may have too much sentimental attachment or otherwise overestimate their property's value. Your agent can quickly access real estate comps and perform a market analysis to determine realistic pricing that will attract buyers.

Realtors abide by a code of ethics

A real estate agent has a valid license and is qualified to help you manage real estate transactions. However, when a real estate agent becomes an active member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), they also earn the respected title of REALTOR®. Part of this title includes passing a code of ethics course and subscribing to the annually updated ethics. The code of ethics requires REALTORS® to cooperate and further their clients' best interests, putting your interest ahead of their own. While all real estate agents are held to numerous legal standards, an NAR member is often considered to be held to higher ethical standards, so you can decide if that is important to protect your interests during your real estate journey.

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