Spring Cleaning Tips to Decluttering

Spring Cleaning Tips to Decluttering

  • JT Home Team
  • 12/2/21
Decluttering continues to be a buzzword, but the idea is nothing new. Heard the phrase, “a place for everything, and everything in its place”? Some attribute the quote to founding father Benjamin Franklin.

Here are six organizational tips to help put everything in its place:

1. Add shelves to your garage. Get tools, boxes and holiday decorations off the floor by installing shelves in your garage.

2. De-junk the junk drawer. Every house has (at least) one. Start fresh by dumping it out, and relocate as much as you can, preferably to the trash. Sort what’s left into an organizer tray.

3. Simplify cooking. Reorganizing your kitchen can make whipping up dinner a breeze. Customized cabinets are the quickest shortcut to organization, but you can start by storing items closest to where they’re used.

4. Go vertical. Built-in bookcases and dining room storage are all the rage, and better yet, they’ll add resale value to your home.

5. Make a mudroom. You don’t need to build an entire room, but creating a landing location for coats, shoes and bags by your home’s most-used exit limits clutter to one corner.

6. Update the vanities. Today’s bathroom vanity cabinets offer better thought-out storage than ever before. Swapping them out can be easier than you’d think.

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