Home Staging That Looks Like the Magazines

Home Staging That Looks Like the Magazines

  • Jourdan Thayer
  • 05/21/23

Some people will hire a professional home stager or interior designer to help them prepare their home to go on the market. Others will rely on their home staging ability to position each room in a way that grabs attention. Below you’ll find several of the best home staging tips to make your home look like it’s straight out of an interior design magazine. The best news is that these tricks are easy to practice, and none of them will cost you an arm and a leg.

Remove personal pictures

This is one of the most important components of preparing your home for staging. There’s nothing wrong with putting these items up when the home is yours, but it can create an awkward situation for buyers trying to imagine what the house would look and feel like if it were theirs. You don’t want them to feel like they are intruding when they are inside your home. It can also serve as an unwanted distraction if the buyer is busy studying your family pictures because your children are similar ages or because they think that you look like someone they know. You’ll save yourself all of this trouble if you take these pictures down.

Focus on curb appeal

First impressions matter a great deal when you have a home to sell. Think about what you want prospective buyers to notice and feel when they first arrive at your home. You can create a strong impression with your curb appeal, setting the stage for an incredible experience when the buyer enters your home. At a minimum, you should cut your grass and ensure there aren’t any weeds in your flower bed.

If the buyer assumes that you haven’t been keeping up with yard work, they may wonder about the condition of the home’s interior as well. If you want to take things a step further, you can paint your front door a brighter color to serve as a better focal point for the front of your home. You could also repaint your street numbers or replace a mailbox. These are small projects, but they can have a major impact.

Emphasize your kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, and it’s likely the space that a buyer will want to see first. People spend much time in their kitchens preparing meals for family and hosting guests. Your buyer will want to feel like they could walk in and instantly begin preparing a meal in your kitchen. Make sure the kitchen is spotless and sanitized. Clear off the countertops and don’t leave anything behind except for a bowl of fresh fruit or a potted plant.

Consider setting the kitchen table or island as a way of emphasizing the kitchen’s functionality. This will help buyers imagine what it would feel like to eat in your kitchen. To make your kitchen feel updated and modernized, you could paint your cabinets a new color. Don’t forget to organize your cabinets and pantry! Although it won’t impact the quality of your pictures, you shouldn’t be surprised if buyers want to look inside these spaces when they come to see your home in person.

Declutter each room

Less is more when you’re staging your home. Buyers don’t care about seeing all of your possessions, and you don’t want them overly focused on things that aren’t included in the house. It’s more important that they walk away impressed by the layout and the structure of the home itself. Each piece you choose to leave out should emphasize the room's functionality and appeal.

Since you’ll already have to pack up your things to move, go ahead and start now by removing anything that won’t contribute positively to your home staging. This is a great time to set aside items you want to sell, donate, or throw away. Remember to leave enough space between each piece of furniture to promote a better traffic flow in each room. Most designers agree that there should be four feet of space between the furniture and the walls and at least eighteen inches between each piece.

Bring nature inside

Buyers are becoming more interested in homes that emphasize a connection with nature. The easiest way to do this when staging your home is to open up the curtains and blinds to let in more natural light. This will improve the quality of your pictures and the experience that each potential buyer enjoys when they come to see your home in person.

If you want to increase the effect of natural light in each room, consider adding in a well-placed mirror or two. Mirrors can reflect natural light in a way that brightens up rooms and helps them appear larger and deeper. You can also bring in plants of various sizes to make your space feel fresher and more livable. A succulent or a small potted plant can be a great way to fill the empty spaces on your shelves, or a basil plant in your kitchen can encourage potential buyers to imagine themselves picking a fresh leaf as they prepare a homemade pesto. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are clear.

Work with a realtor who understands home staging

Terri Thayer is an expert when it comes to home staging. She has helped many people prepare their Sarasota homes to sell. When you’re ready to take the next step toward putting your home on the market, contact Terri.

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