10 Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Whitfield Estates Home

10 Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Whitfield Estates Home

  • JT Home Team
  • 07/24/22

Whitfield Estates is one of the most beautiful and posh communities in Manatee County. Characterized by Florida ranch-style and Spanish-Mediterranean homes, Whitfield Estates homes are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to own a pristine property in sunny Florida.

Retirees, empty nesters, and families can all find a place they belong in Whitfield Estates. Plus, when you decide to sell your piece of Florida paradise, the charm, quiet, and easy access to Sarasota Bay will be alluring to potential buyers.

However, selling a home is not always easy, and getting people to make offers on your home can be challenging. Today's guide equips you with ten ways to increase the number of offers on your elegant Whitfield Estates home.

Let us break down these strategies.

1. Prime your Whitfield Estates home for sale

Potential buyers make offers because they’re charmed by certain features and amenities of the house. While these features differ from person to person, one thing remains constant: all potential buyers want a home in its prime condition.

Before listing your home for sale, you must ensure it's in the best state, both inside and outside. For example, here are a couple of to-do activities before putting your home up for sale.

  • Replace outdated fixtures in kitchens, bathrooms, and any other main rooms
  • Refinish and repair floors
  • If needed, give your home a paint refresh
  • Declutter your spaces to make room for photography and showings
  • Spruce up the landscape to increase curb appeal
  • Do a deep clean to ensure your home is in top condition

These steps will go a long way in making your home look more attractive to buyers. That way, you can watch those offers start flying in as your space impresses buyers again and again.

Many sellers opt to conduct a pre-listing inspection as well and include the results in the listing. A pre-listing inspection increases your authenticity, and buyers are more likely to make an offer when they know the whole truth about a home.

2. Upgrade photography

Photography can make a world of difference in the number of offers your home receives. Professional-looking photography can elevate the appeal of your home and bring out its more unique quirks. If you can't take professional-looking photography on your own, consider hiring a real estate photography company for some elegant stills.

However, photos are not always enough. Invest in quality video to help your home stand out among the other hundreds of listings. Unlike photographs, videos help buyers visualize your home in real-time. You can take it a notch higher and invest in drone photography and videography. This way, buyers not only see the interior from a standard view but also get a bird's eye view of your entire property. Plus, drone videography is great at showcasing outside features like your pool, deck, and perfectly-landscaped yard.

3. Paid promotion on social media

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According to the National Association of Realtors, 95% of home buyers use online tools to find properties. So, the most sure-fire way to increase the number of offers you get is to increase the visibility of your listing. To do so, you must know which platforms your potential buyers frequent. Your agent’s well-manicured website is a vital resource, and they will have connections to other sources, such as exclusive listings, as well.

Many buyers also frequent social media sites to look at homes that catch their eye. Therefore, alerting people on social media that there's a home for sale can significantly increase visibility and home offers. Even better, you can use paid promotions on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to reach a wider audience of home buyers.

4. Ask for referrals from your social network

You'd be amazed at what asking for referrals from friends and family can do when selling your home. Chances are, someone is looking for a home or property among your circle of family, friends, and acquaintances.

Asking for referrals can help spread the word that a beautiful Whitfield Estates home is on sale. Because potential buyers will hear about your home from people they know and probably trust, they might feel more confident in making an offer.

5. Make your home easy to show

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Naturally, any serious buyer wants to get a feel of a home in person before making an offer. However, planning home showings on your own can be quite challenging and time-consuming. This is where your realtor comes in. Having a trusted agent do all the planning can give you back your time to focus on other aspects of your life. By making the entire process easy, more people will have a chance to see your home in person.

Your real estate agent is a pro at scheduling showings and coordinating open houses. They will also help you prepare your home to look its best during showings by helping with staging or bringing out the best perks your home has to offer.

6. Stage the home to sell

Enlist the help of a professional stager to set up your home for success. A skillfully staged home will stand out, with excellent furniture choices that make each room look purposeful and stylish, artful decor that coordinates with other pieces within the space, and exceptional lighting elements to showcase your home’s most beautiful features and architecture.

7. Be detailed and specific

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Details and specificity are the make-or-break of a home listing description. You should not spare any details buyers might find helpful. For example, if your home offers a bayfront and views of spectacular sunrises, make sure to mention it.

Include details of the number of baths, rooms, square feet, garage space, and other vital facilities within your home. For example, mention the sweeping staircases, Renaissance-style coffered ceilings, the English Balustrades, and the French doors. If a renowned architect designed your home, mention it too. These little details add charisma to your home, attract buyers, and increase the number of offers you’ll receive. Plus, if you have made any renovations or upgrades, include this as it increases your home's perceived value.

8. Put together a limited-time offer

Constructing limited-time offers is another way to increase home offers. Buying a home is a budget-intensive activity, and buyers will be on the lookout for any opportunities to save during the process.

For example, you could offer to contribute a percentage of the home sale towards their closing costs. What you offer depends on your situation and what you are willing and capable of offering. Since the offer is limited to a particular time, most interested buyers will make an offer on your home before the deal expires.

9. Get your asking price right

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Pricing your home effectively and competitively is one of the most important things to do. Buyers can only make contact if they feel the asking price reflects the home's value. If you're handling the entire process independently, it might help to hire an appraiser. This way, you are guaranteed an accurate valuation based on the market, neighborhood, and home type.

You don't have to worry about pricing if you're working with a competent Whitfield Estates real estate agent. Real estate agents will use comparative market analysis data and on-site inspections to value your home accurately.

We wouldn't recommend using online valuation tools alone, since they are not as accurate. It's better to either seek the help of a real estate agent or pay an appraiser to provide a home valuation.

10. Work with a Whitfield Estates real estate agent

This guide shows that selling a home is not a spur-of-the-moment, one-day process. The process requires dedication, time, and a great understanding of the real estate market. A real estate agent focusing on Whitfield Estates can help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of selling a home. Real estate agents will simplify listing your home for maximum exposure, coordinate showings, and respond to home buyers' inquiries.

When you’re ready, reach out to JT Home Team to learn more about how you can increase offers on your Whitfield Estates home. With over 25 years of experience, this mother-daughter team is ready to get you some fantastic offers on your gorgeous property.

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